• Step 1

    Consultation + advice

    • Understanding your workflows
    • Conceptualising and designing solutions
    • Working together to find an optimal solution
  • Step 2

    Setting up your lab

    • Making adjustments given your feedback
    • Deploying hardware and/or software
    • Validating the workflow
    • Training your team
  • Step 3

    Ongoing support

    • Keeping track of performance
    • Integrating new hardware
    • Supporting your ongoing success
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Client Testimonials

We have been using ReachingBots from Autoscientific for 6 months now and they have rapidly become an invaluable addition to the lab. As we do a large number of upper limb studies in mice, ReachingBots have already saved us hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in terms of training, rehabilitating, and assessing skilled upper limb function. 

Dr. Nicholas James, Research Scientist - EPFL

 We really enjoyed working closely with Autoscientific to have ReachingBots customised to our specific needs. This, along with the immediate response to any requests for help, illustrates perfectly the exceptional customer service we have received since before having even placed our order. As of yet, no request or problem has ever been too much to ask or too difficult to solve.

Inssia Dewany, Research Scientist - .NeuroRestore